Karthik Aryan apologizes by touching Katrina Kaif’s leg with a broken hand, viral

Karthik Aryan apologizes by touching Katrina Kaif's leg with broken hand, viral

Karthik Aryan is making his presence as a star in many award ceremonies these days. Although Love Aaj Kal 2 has not proved successful for them. Even after this, his popularity has not been named yet. On Wednesday, Karthik arrived at the IIFA press conference in Mumbai. Katrina Kaif had also reached this conference before. But something happened that Karthik had to apologize to Katrina by holding his leg. During this, apart from Karthik and Katrina, Diya Mirza also reached there with the entire media. At the start of the press conference, Katrina Kaif jokingly said that Karthik you should first apologize for the late arrival. He did not delay at all when Katrina said so.

Immediately bent down and touched Katrina’s feet. At the same time, holding an ear and even got up. He then apologized. Karthik said that Ranveer touched everyone’s feet yesterday. Today I touch your feet. Karthik reached the press conference with a bandage sling in his hand. Karthik’s hand is hurt. Its pictures are becoming increasingly viral. Where this style and pictures of Karthik has become very fast.