Prakash Raj got expensive, knowledge of coronavirus, tweet deleted

Panic has spread worldwide due to the Coronavirus. Many cases of coronavirus have also been reported in India. In such a situation, it seems to have an impact on Bollywood and films too. After Anupam Kher, Rakhi Samvat and KRK, Prakash Raj tweeted about the coronavirus. However, he got caught on social media after this tweet. Not only this, he had to delete his tweet.

It has happened that Prakash Raj has shared on Twitter a way to avoid the threat of the coronavirus. He said that coronavirus can be avoided by drinking lemon juice mixed with a cup of lukewarm water. After this kind of tweet on this deadly virus, users took a dig at them.

Prakash Raj had to delete this tweet after users trolled on social media. Along with another tweet, he apologized. He wrote, in a hurry to do something good, shared wrong information. But I rectified my mistake and deleted that tweet.

Before this, Anupam Kher posted a video on Twitter to avoid coronavirus and advised people not to shake hands while meeting someone but use Indian tradition and say hello with folded hands. Deepika Padukone canceled the Fashion Week tour in Paris due to Coronavirus. The effect of this virus is also being seen in films. Panic over the Coronavirus has spread in India too. Many cases of coronavirus have been reported so far. After this, the advisory has been issued by the Government of India and people have been advised not to panic.

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